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Visual Theory - Winnipeg Video Production & Video Editing in Winnipeg, MB

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Video Production Winnipeg

Our video production and video editing services are perfectly suited for projects large and small, from corporate mainstays to national nonprofits. Our exceptional collaborators pursue their craft not as a job, but as a lifestyle. When they are not bringing their talents to bear on a client project, they are hard at work perfecting their skills through such varied avenues as music videos, festival-bound documentary films, and creative web-series.


Our Video Production Service

Films | Promotional Videos | Corporate Videos | Sports Videos | Timelapse Videos | Music Videos | Real Estate Videos | Business Videos

We provide filmvideo editing & productionphotographydocumentary production services to clients across Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver.



Video is a powerful medium. It's used to reach, to influence, to inform. Use the power of visual storytelling to your advantage.

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