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Video Production

About Us

About Visual Theory 


With over 8 year’s experience in the video production industry, the team at Visual Theory uses their expertise and passion to create high-quality films and videos.


Visual Theory is a Winnipeg video production company known for its innovative approach to film and video production. We achieve outstanding results for our clients with a high caliber of production quality and attention-grabbing video content.


Bring your business to life with our large variety of film and video creation services, including post-production services.\

Our professional video production company can help you create high-quality video, including:


- Video advertising

- Web videos and webinars

- Business learning tools and in-house educational and training videos

- Documentaries

- Creative short films

- Commercial film content

- TV commercials

- Music videos 

- Testimonials and interviews

- Corporate videos, including Business2Business videos

- Film editing


Unleash your creativity and gain a competitive advantage with quality video content.


Video online marketing has been proven to boost sales and help businesses grow.


And as experts in video production and video content marketing, Visual Theory is best placed to assist you to unlock the power of video content.

Visual Theory is a highly stylized film production company based in Winnipeg providing video editing & production, photographydocumentary production services across Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver.

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