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Missing in Action

As you all know 2020 was a year to remember. Everything from natural disasters, mass protests, and of course the ongoing worldwide pandemic. It was a year of pure chaos. Out of all the craziness the one thing I found the most difficult was being lockdown which I'm sure most of you found difficult as well. 95% of my contract work was canceled, I felt a lack of creativity. In all honestly I felt like I was falling into a depression hence the absence of blogging. I now see a new horizon. I see a new hope ( A little something for all my Star Wars nerds), Rejuvenation in the midst of a pandemic you say? Kind of a weird time to feel rejuvenated right? Well not really, In fact, this is a great time for opportunity. World leaders have been drilling it into our heads time and time again, "The Great Reset". It's time to rejuvenate, rethink and reflect. This is the direction Visual Theory is moving towards.

I encourage you the reader to challenge yourself by expanding your chance of opportunity. Whether it's taking up a cooking class, taking up a new sport, learning to play an instrument, try something new. Never stop learning and never stop growing. Don't let our current situation get the best of you but use it to your advantage.

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